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LIBERAL FOUNDATION is conduction NEPE schools; majorities of the learners are girls. All the teachers of these schools are female. In addition to this LIBERAL FOUNDATION is conduction another primary school. The organization is also conduction centers for offering literacy to the adolescents and adult for conduction life oriented education.

Pre-primary child education program, the pilot project of LIBERAL FOUNDATION:- Our Pre-primary child education program is the most valuable program. We have a great importance on child education. At present we have a pilot project on Pre-primary child education at Tala thana in Satkhira district of Bangladesh. Our project name is LIBERAL FOUNDATION Nursery School. The school is bring into begin on 50 decimal of land. It has a tin shed building about 30 meters long and 5 meters wide.

In this school, about 85 students are learning with their mother every year. Here we have given them different kinds of education materials like text book, book of rhymes in English & Bengali, book of mathematics in English & Bengali, different kinds of game instruments & module like cram board, building set, football, cricket instrument, toys etc. everything is child version. For student entertainment, we have set sleeper, balance, cradle etc. in front of the school building. Every year the students and their mother observe brush day, sports day, hand wash day, other National & International day. Here we are giving them a modern education by different kinds of game instruments. We have given each a Matir Bank (Container of mud) to deposit money for their future.

This system of education has been already very popular among the local people. We hope that LIBERAL FOUNDATION possible will create fond of them to school by this education system. We have given some picture of the activities of Ashraful Alam Tuto-memorial Pre-Primary School.

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