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Safe water and sanitation program

ACTIVITY REPORT OF LIBERAL SHIKKA SHASTHO FOUNDATION Liberal Shikka Shastho Foundation is a right based research, advocacy organization. Liberal Shikka Shastho Foundation is a not-profit organization. It was established in 2008, through a group of young development activists are very much committed for social change, transformation and confident for raising peoples’ voices on different burning

Organization Objectives

The organization is committed to lunch program/activities in line with its overall goal to uplift the status of the disadvantaged and deprived women, children, adolescent girls, ethnic minority, disable people and landless agricultural labors addressing the following specific objectives. Liberal Church Ministry Children Ministry , Good news Tem, Theology school & college. Preaching awareness Ministry.

Message from the Liberal Executive Director’s

Message from the Liberal Executive Director’s Liberal Shikkha Shastho Foundation reserves its significance and objectives in its own title. The main causes of lag behind ness of the social management of our country are discrimination and lack of proper education and assistance. So it is evident in the light of long experience of this organization

Message from the Liberal Chairman

Liberal Foundation has been working closely for a long time among the people of contiguous areas of Bangladesh at root level to develop the standard of living of lag behind people of the society. Recently it has achieved the govt. registration under the social registration act of Joint Stock of Company on the 24 July,