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Street children & labour child School

A non formal school in Khulna railways station sulm area for the education and rehabilitation of floating street, KhulnaPurpose of education and rehabilitation of street children and working children Kona railways station area has been development by liberal Foundation for the non Formal education school in free stay and eating food.ther are about 270 street children and working children in our home.they are all boys,then between 7 to 14 years of age. Many of them have no parents,or because of break up of father and mother, due to disruption of father and mother, leaving children out of the house, these children who have broken down the world are living in the city for living in the city for livelihood demand.

In addition to their non formal education, technical education was provided. Such as the market shopping bag making, motor mechanic course , mobile and radio TV repair course, computer training course , garments machine operating course, after the training these children were given job for different factors and organizations. Besides, street children and laborers are provided free diet and health care and medicine’s, free book, pencil, pencil rubber, children s school dress, back to provide basic education as well as basic, bedding is provided free of cost toothpaste , balanket,sylhet soap, etc, if you wish you can give us these zakat and filters, for you to eat and stay and provide medical and education for this poor and helpless street children, in order to give zakat your way, the pilgrims will regularly ask for Allah,s blessings for you insha’Allah , Amin thanks

Kamal hossain zoarder
executive director
liberal Foundation Khulna city Bangladesh