Group Formation

LIBERAL FOUNDATION believes to work in participatory method. In this method LIBERAL FOUNDATION works with the targeted beneficiaries in their participation LIBERAL FOUNDATION under any project activities and per the needs of the target people. At first LIBERAL FOUNDATION forms group when does the survey for the needs of the group members. Justify their abilities and willingness: justify the benefits of the activities provable success and failure, take the recommendation of the beneficiaries and arrange monthly, Quarterly, yearly meeting of the beneficiaries in these meeting identify the problems and find out the solution and act accordingly. These are the working strategy of LIBERAL FOUNDATION.

Group formation and mobilization


Build Capacity and create opportunity.

Group formation and mobilization.

Institutional development.

Human resource development.

Structural poverty alleviation.

Environmental protection & regeneration.

Improvement of gender equality.

Participatory development research.

Education, Health, Tree-Plantation.

Woman Improvement and self-employment.

Economies development by different kinds of income generation project.

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Its mission is to work the poor people, undertake programmers for the underserved parts of the operational are organize and produce demand drive supports, mobilize local and external resources ensure people’s participation of all level foes a sustainable development. The main emphasis is given to mobilizing and utilizing local resources and development of human resource as part of sustainable community development.

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