Human Rights Unit

Context and Rationale :

Human Rights in Bangladesh mainly refer to social aspects of human security. Unfortunately, violence is a common feature of Bangladeshi society. Human security is integral to protection from sudden and hurtful disruptions in patterns of daily life; in homes, in jobs and in communities. In Bangladesh, are directly or indirectly linked to violence. In it the worst sufferers are the outcaste community people. The aims of this intervention at addressing the issue of human rights recognition first and violations later, especially for untouchable communities and in them to their weakest segments; women and children. Liberal Foundation is working with the vision of “a society where full enjoyment of human rights by every human being will be ensured” so as to start our peoples initiatives able to reduce such human rights violations.


Major Activities :

* Fact finding and documentation :

* Field Investigation.

* Documentation of neglected human rights violations

* Monitoring and follow-up of incident.

* Liberal Life Support.

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Its mission is to work the poor people, undertake programmers for the underserved parts of the operational are organize and produce demand drive supports, mobilize local and external resources ensure people’s participation of all level foes a sustainable development. The main emphasis is given to mobilizing and utilizing local resources and development of human resource as part of sustainable community development.

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