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Right to information is the key factor to entitlement of citizen rights for neglected. Most of the neglected people in Bangladesh are living under hard core poverty due to poor access in information existence of government and non government all sorts of services. Besides, there have inadequate data regarding the problem, number of neglected people, perceive needs, research on social, political, economical and culture aspects in Bangladesh. Liberal Foundation as community led organization has conduct participatory action research from 2002 to motivate to self capacity building of community for development of them. Through the research conducted Liberal Foundation learn from community that information can change and improve their livelihood pattern. In this regard Liberal Foundation has started community information center to cover need of information and establishment access to information through using of RTI law.

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Its mission is to work the poor people, undertake programmers for the underserved parts of the operational are organize and produce demand drive supports, mobilize local and external resources ensure people’s participation of all level foes a sustainable development. The main emphasis is given to mobilizing and utilizing local resources and development of human resource as part of sustainable community development.

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