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Message from the Liberal Executive Director’s

Message from the Liberal Executive Director’s

Liberal Shikkha Shastho Foundation reserves its significance and objectives in its own title. The main causes of lag behind ness of the social management of our country are discrimination and lack of proper education and assistance. So it is evident in the light of long experience of this organization that, for fair planning and its implementation to build a nation peaceful and prosperous we need people’s unity, universal brother ship and a corruption free country. Liberal Foundation works among the poor people regarding education, health, human rights, environmental refuse disposal, pure drinking water, sanitation, agriculture, preservation of woman, worker’s right, prohibition of child – fatigue, establishment of schools for the moral education of the children, publicity of social good-news, campaign for democracy and good governess, establishment of rehabilitation centre for myopic, physical and mental disabled persons, establishment of center for the shelter of poor people and arrangement of volunteers for the relief and rehabilitation programme of the victims of natural calamity and climatic change. This organization is also working for combined social research, cultural blooming centre, bio-gas, innovation of substitute fuel, set up of family library and to direct various social development works with sacrifice and care campaign.



                                                     Kamal Hossain Joarder

Executive Director

Liberal Foundation

Mob: 01911-016449


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