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Organization Objectives

The organization is committed to lunch program/activities in line with its overall goal to uplift the status of the disadvantaged and deprived women, children, adolescent girls, ethnic minority, disable people and landless agricultural labors addressing the following specific objectives. Liberal Church Ministry Children Ministry , Good news Tem, Theology school & college. Preaching awareness Ministry.

To make the disadvantaged and deprived people aware about their socio-economic condition through education and training.

To motivate and mobilize the poor and underprivileged people, particularly women and adolescent girls to be organized into small groups with a view to promote greater people’s organization for ensuring greater unity and empowerment so as to carryout people centered development program.

Assist to develop savings habit among the women and adolescent foe capital generation.

To provide education and training for capacity building on leadership development and organization management.

To raise awareness and ensure active participation in the development process and help them discover their hidden potentials and utilize them properly for their own development.

To promote and establish the rights of the children by arranging education and training especially through NFPE and to arrange functional literacy, post-literacy and continuing education for the underprivileged literate adults.

To arrange skill development training on different vocational trades for the target beneficiaries and provide them load and capital support to undertake employment and income generation activities.

To promote and establish the rights of the ethnic minority groups and to ensure community based rehabilitation of physically handicapped and disables through education, training and capital support.

To raise awareness on primary health care, nutrition, cleanliness, proper sanitation, drinking of arsenic-free water etc. through education and training.

To encourage home/kitchen vegetable gardening to the target beneficiaries to improve nutritional status and supplement vitamin-A rich food.

To protect natural environment by establishing village nursery and tree-plantation, social forestry, using surface and rainwater for irrigation and domestic use, and creating awareness about bio-diversity.

To facilitate environmental justice and environmentally sustainable communities by supporting the accountability of corporations, governments and other institutions for their environmental practices.

To facilitate the accountability of corporations, governments and other institutions for their environmental practices.

Create fund from the members, receive donations, working in cooperation and collaboration with the government departments, search project grants from national and international organizations for the programs.

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