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Liberal Foundation

An organization of human rights and social development for the extreme poor and marginalized people.

An organization

88, Haji Ismail Road, Shaikhpara Bazar, Ward No.- 20, Khulna-9100, Bangladesh.

e-mail : liberalngo@gmail.com, web site : www.liberalfoundation.org

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Message from the Liberal Chairman

Naznin Sultana


Liberal Foundation

Liberal Foundation has been working closely for a long time among the people of contiguous areas of Bangladesh at root level to develop the standard of living of lag behind people of the society. Recently it has achieved the govt. registration under the social registration act of Joint Stock of Company on the 24 July, 2008. All members of our organization are broad and democratic minded. The main objective of our organization is to develop an integrated society irrespective of religion, colour and caste through alleviation of discrimination, spread of education, campaign for good governess and various development trainings.

Naznin Sultana


Liberal Foundation

Message from the Liberal Executive Director’s

Kamal Hossain

Kamal Hossain Joarder

Executive Director

Liberal Foundation

Liberal Shikkha Shastho Foundation reserves its significance and objectives in its own title. The main causes of lag behind ness of the social management of our country are discrimination and lack of proper education and assistance. So it is evident in the light of long experience of this organization that, for fair planning and its implementation to build a nation peaceful and prosperous we need people’s unity, universal brother ship and a corruption free country. Liberal Foundation works among the poor people regarding education, health, human rights, environmental refuse disposal, pure drinking water, sanitation, agriculture, preservation of woman, worker’s right, prohibition of child – fatigue, establishment of schools for the moral education of the children, publicity of social good-news, campaign for democracy and good governess, establishment of rehabilitation centre for myopic, physical and mental disabled persons, establishment of center for the shelter of poor people and arrangement of volunteers for the relief and rehabilitation programme of the victims of natural calamity and climatic change. This organization is also working for combined social research, cultural blooming centre, bio-gas, innovation of substitute fuel, set up of family library and to direct various social development works with sacrifice and care campaign.


                                                     Kamal Hossain Joarder

                                                  Executive Director

                                                     Liberal Foundation

                                                     Mob: 01911-016449

  1. Name of NGO: Liberal Sikkha Shastha Foundation
  1. Mailing Address: Liberal Sikkha Shastha Foundation

                                    88 Haji Ismail Road

                                    Sheikh Para Bazar

                                    Khulna 9100, Bangladesh.

                                    Mobile No: 01911-016449

                                    Email:Liberalngo @gmail.com

  1. Address of Offices :
Head Office

Liberal Sikkha Shastha Foundation

88 Haji Ismail Road

Sheikh Para Bazar

Khulna 9100, Bangladesh.

Mobile No: 01911-016449

Email:Liberalngo @gmail.com


Liaison Office

Liberal Sikkha Shastha Foundation

88 Haji Ismail Road

Sheikh Para Bazar

Khulna 9100, Bangladesh.

Mobile No: 01911-016449

Email:Liberalngo @gmail.com


  1. Contact Person

Kamal Hossain Joarder Excutive Director

Liberal Sikkha Shastha Foundation

88 Haji Ismail Road

Sheikh Para Bazar

Khulna 9100, Bangladesh.

Mobile No: 01911-016449

Email:Liberalngo @gmail.com

  1. Year of Establishment: 31th July, 2008
  2. Type of the organization

Liberal Foundation is a non-government non-partisan voluntary organization operating in a democratic process. The General Body is the most powerful forum of the organization which meets yearly and reviews the operational and financial achievements; elects a 7-member Executive Committee for every 5 years. The Chairman & the Secretary are elected by the Executive Committee to launch the programs properly according to the plan and design. The Chairman & the Secretary are responsible both to the executive Committee and respective authority.

  1. Legal Status

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is registered with department of joint stock companies’ government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Registration No- 247/2008, the registration related information is given below.


Name of the Concerned Department Registration No. Date of Registration
Registered with the Department of joint stock companies firm act20 at year1860 Khulna 247/2008 31/06/2008

7(B) 1.Bank solvency certificate

  1. Construction rules
  2. Income tax certificate
  3. Vat registration certificate
  4. Working experience certificate
  5. History & Background:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-political voluntary development organization, Located in Khulna costal belt areas in Bangladesh, Working at the grassroots level like poor man, women adolescent boys/girls and underprivileged childred with the aim to develop social and spiritual life of the human community. The organization was founded in 31st July 2008, by a group of dedicated social workers and local elites under the leadership of Kamal Hossain Joarder. It wroks to render all possible help to the suffering humanity of large with basic thrust on poverty alleviation and socio-economic empowerment of the poor, unemployment and women. LIBERAL FOUNDATION tries to provide innovative services in different fields of development to bring stainable impact for improvement of quality of life of the target beneficiaries.

From the inception of LIBERAL FOUNDATION, it aims to improve the socio-economic condition of the beneficiaries in the working area especially to establish the rights of the women and child. The organization has been working for a positive change likely economical, cultural, human resource, women empowerment, human rights establishment by facing different types of challenges and risks including prolonged conflict, confrontation, natural disaster, social trend and tendencies, fundamentalism etc. In this connection it has set up a target of components including Community mobilization and institutional capacity building, Health Hygiene and Nutrition, Education, Disable. In every component, it had a good achievement and success finding better scope of work opportunities in its working area among other success providers. The organization had a long experience in implementing these components both in rural and urban area including most high-risk slums Khulna areas of Bangladesh.

  1. Level Vision:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION vision is to establish a peaceful healthy society with justice, equity and basic education for all.

  1. Mission:

Its mission is to work the poor people, undertake programmers for the underserved parts of the operational are organize and produce demand drive supports, mobilize local and external resources ensure people’s participation of all level foes a sustainable development. The main emphasis is given to mobilizing and utilizing local resources and development of human resource as part of sustainable community development.

  1. Values:

The peoples of LIBERAL FOUNDATION have agreed on a set of values as guiding principle to establish a favorable internal environment and thus contribute to the defined mission. The staff members will practice mutual respect of work place and the organization will evaluate on its staff members performance participatory design making will be continuous process. Free sharing of experience, view and information will create a sound basis for the organizational decisions. Cooperation rather than destructive competition will govern infers personal behavior. The rules and regulations will apply equally for all. LIBERAL FOUNDATION will encourage self-initiative based sense of responsibility. The team leader will maintain the proper chain of command. Discipline and attitude of a development worker will guide the individual behavior of workplace. Self-criticism and honesty will be the cornerstones of staffs as well. All staff members will use the resource economically and make a lot of sustainable development of the institution. They will remain conscious of gender sensitive behavior both at work place and outside. Which are as follows by the organization.

  • Affirmative Action
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Gender Equality
  • Innovative
  • Partnership and Networking
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency & Accountability
  1. Goal:

The goal of the organization is to reduce poverty and to promote sustainable development. Strengthening, supplementing and complementing the effort and initiatives of the GOB in proving and managing high quality sustainable development program, with emphasis to integrated development, environmental digression protection, policy advocacy related services at implementation and policy level.

  1. Objectives:

The organization is committed to lunch program/activities in line with its overall goal to uplift the status of the disadvantaged and deprived women, children, adolescent girls, ethnic minority, disable people and landless agricultural labors addressing the following specific objectives. Liberal Church Ministry Children Ministry , Good news Tem, Theology school & college. Preaching awareness Ministry.

To make the disadvantaged and deprived people aware about their socio-economic condition through education and training.

To motivate and mobilize the poor and underprivileged people, particularly women and adolescent girls to be organized into small groups with a view to promote greater people’s organization for ensuring greater unity and empowerment so as to carryout people centered development program.

Assist to develop savings habit among the women and adolescent foe capital generation.

To provide education and training for capacity building on leadership development and organization management.

To raise awareness and ensure active participation in the development process and help them discover their hidden potentials and utilize them properly for their own development.

To promote and establish the rights of the children by arranging education and training especially through NFPE and to arrange functional literacy, post-literacy and continuing education for the underprivileged literate adults.

To arrange skill development training on different vocational trades for the target beneficiaries and provide them load and capital support to undertake employment and income generation activities.

To promote and establish the rights of the ethnic minority groups and to ensure community based rehabilitation of physically handicapped and disables through education, training and capital support.

To raise awareness on primary health care, nutrition, cleanliness, proper sanitation, drinking of arsenic-free water etc. through education and training.

To encourage home/kitchen vegetable gardening to the target beneficiaries to improve nutritional status and supplement vitamin-A rich food.

To protect natural environment by establishing village nursery and tree-plantation, social forestry, using surface and rainwater for irrigation and domestic use, and creating awareness about bio-diversity.

To facilitate environmental justice and environmentally sustainable communities by supporting the accountability of corporations, governments and other institutions for their environmental practices.

To facilitate the accountability of corporations, governments and other institutions for their environmental practices.

Create fund from the members, receive donations, working in cooperation and collaboration with the government departments, search project grants from national and international organizations for the programs.

  1. Our Experience


Name of Partner The Project Year (From-To) Current Status
EBT Research fellowship. Empower the Marginalized peoples through activation the Right to information act. 2010-2011 Completed
PDF Foundation, Khulna. Gender Development and political empowerment of women thought increasing local government sensitivity. 2003-2014 Running
PDF Foundation, Khulna. Voter Education project. 2009, 6 month Completed
Living word Foundation. Program for awareness building on voter education for Special neglected groups. 2011 Completed
Praise Foundation Empowerment of the women of socially excluded communities through promoting rights and social Justice. 2006-2008 Completed
Open Door Foundation Recognition Establishment and protection on the human rights for the neglected community project. 2006-2011 Running
Open Door Foundation Making sure aid needy to uphold and sustain human rights (MANUSH) 2009-2010 Completed
Bangladesh Legal AID services, Supreme court, Dhaka. Legal aid support for neglected groups. 2006-2011 Running
Alordishari, Khulna Neglected child Education 2010-2012 Running
Praise Foundation. Improvement of livelihood status of neglected community in Southern district of Bangladesh. 2010-1013 Running
PDF Foundation Action research on the eradication the caste system from the society and root caused of this and ensure right to information through the Mobile information center. 2006-2008 Completed
Provat Neglected Human rights violation movement and day observation program. Fight Modem Slavery. 2009 to running
Name of Partner The Project Year (From-To) Current Status
Liberal Foundation Mass awareness campaign through interactive drama and popular song on reproductive health, human rights, children right, neglected rights, eve teasing, unsociability, early marriage and dowry, polygamy, trafficking. 1996 to running Running
Liberal Research Unit. Neglected empowerment including women through Income generating Activities (Fish Cultivation & Packet, tailoring training, mini garments. 2008 to running Running
Praise Foundation Adolescent Development Program (reproductive health education). 2009 to running Running
Liberal Research Unit. Emergency response to Flood affected peoples at Tala, Satkhira. 2011 to running Running
Liberal Research Unit. Child protection for flood affected disaster prone District Satkhira. 2011 to running Running
PDF Foundation. Enhanced coping capacity of the disadvantaged community (ECCDC). 2011 to 2013 Thematic Area climatic disaster.
Liberal Research Unit. Promotion and protection on the Human Rights of neglected (PPHRD). 2011 to 2013 Thematic Area Human right & RTI
Liberal Research Unit. Our Report Towards Bangladesh (ORTOB). 2011 to running Running
Liberal Research Unit. Emergency Response to Flood affected peoples at       Satkhira District. 2011 to running Running


  1. Geographical area coverage :

Ten districts under Khulna division. The districts are; Khulna, Satkhira, Jessore, Chuadanga, Meherpur, Jhinaidaha, Kustia, Narail, Magura and Bagerhat and dalit campaign program in 54 districts of Bangladesh.

  1. Present donors :

* Govt. Ministry of Labour * Liberal Research Unit, Bangladesh.

* Praise Foundation * Living word Foundation

* Foundation House Australia, Bangladesh Mission, Dhaka.

* Population Development Foundation (PDF) * Alor Dishari

  1. Environment And Disaster Management Unit

Major Activities :

„   Relief and Rehabilitation :

      ¢   Emergency Relief and rehabilitation program.

      ¢   Data collection and information dissemination to relevant authorities.

„   Awareness raising :

¢   Social mobilization, Dialogue Meeting.

¢   Publication of booklets, periodicals Report and Poster.

¢   Interactive dramas and right issue.

¢   Rally and day observation.

¢   Mass mobilization.

„    Adaptation And Mitigation :

      ¢   Networking meeting with Govt. officials, UDMC, CBOs, ECO, Volunteer groups.

      ¢   Organize training for targeted members on Disaster risk management and roles responsibility.

      ¢   Training in search as well as rescue techniques, first aid skills, early warning systems.

      ¢   Advocacy meeting with local govt. & administration.

      ¢   Promoting voluntarism for recover emergency.

  1. Information and Research Unit

Context and Rationale :

Right to information is the key factor to entitlement of citizen rights for neglected. Most of the neglected people in Bangladesh are living under hard core poverty due to poor access in information existence of government and non government all sorts of services. Besides, there have inadequate data regarding the problem, number of neglected people, perceive needs, research on social, political, economical and culture aspects in Bangladesh. Liberal Foundation as community led organization has conduct participatory action research from 2002 to motivate to self capacity building of community for development of them. Through the research conducted Liberal Foundation learnt from community that information can change and improve their livelihood pattern. In this regard Liberal Foundation has started community information centre to cover need of information and establishment access to information through using of RTI law.

  1. Major Activities :

¢      Information dissemination and Institute of Social work & human resource development.

¢      Publications on news letters and booklet.

¢      Development IEC Materials, (Poster, Sticker, Billboard, Yearly Calendar, Leaflet etc).

¢      Mobile information cell.

¢      Awareness building on RTI application.

  • Motivational & community Dialogue meeting with duty barer for more sensitized to ensure RTI for
  • Research Audit and project proposal and donor conduct.


  1. Education unit

Context and Rationale :

Education for the neglected is a difficult and sometime painful experience. Their children are not welcomed into neighborhoods or schools as they way living for many young learners of the neglected community. Their elders are illiterate and thus not war of the importance of education. To many, education

is a luxury. Girls are particularly the worst victims of illiteracy. Girl’s dropout rate from primary school is relatively higher among neglected people. In the aim of increased education rate among neglected Liberal Foundation engaged education support for neglected adolescent girls and boys.

Major Activities :

¢   Adolescent Development program (reproductive health education).

¢   Education support.

¢   Sponsorship for higher education

¢   Run Community based education/tuition centres.

¢   Advocacy for establish right to education.

  1. Capacity Building unit.

Context and Rationale :

Liberal Foundation have capacity building activities for its staffs and target groups skill development through conduct assessment, training, workshop, orientation, exposure visit. Besides, Liberal Foundation committed to development its community voluntary groups and building capacity so that they are enabling to contribute community development activities.

Major Activities :

* Capacity Building for Staff :

¢   Training support on planning, report writing, financial management and documentation, project management, M & E, Advocacy, Negotiation, MIS, Disaster regional consultation, PIP Organization Development.

¢   Skill development training for target groups members on advocacy, Leadership building, mobilization, group management skill etc.

* Capacity Building for community :

¢  Livestock training for neglected & tribal groups.

¢   Training on tailoring for disadvantage including neglected & Indigenous woman.

  1. Our Experience past 5 years:


Name of Partner The Project Year (From-To) Current Status
PDF Foundation Promoting the Rights of ethnic minorities and women in south western Bangladesh. 2008-2012 Completed
Liberal Foundation Civic participation and human Right Education for youths. 2007-2011 Completed
Liberal Research Unit Emergency Response to flood affected marginalized peoples. 2008-2012 Running
Joint Research

Praise Foundation & Liberal Research

Emergency Response to flood affected peoples. 2008-2012 Running
Liberal Research & PDF. Participatory action research to upgrade the living status and establish Rights of Munda community in Satkhira district. 2008-2012 Running
  1. Focus Area :

Liberal Foundation with its neglected focuses on the eradication of all manifestations of caste discrimination and other neglected issues. The aim is to support and encourage neglected leaders working to create a public understanding of equality, rights and dignity.

  1. Human Rights Unit

Context and Rationale :

Human Rights in Bangladesh mainly refer to social aspects of human security. Unfortunately, violence is a common feature of Bangladeshi society. Human security is integral to protection from sudden and hurtful disruptions in patterns of daily life; in homes, in jobs and in communities. In Bangladesh, are directly or indirectly linked to violence. In it the worst sufferers are the outcaste community people. The aims of this intervention at addressing the issue of human rights recognition first and violations later, especially for untouchable communities and in them to their weakest segments; women and children. Liberal Foundation is working with the vision of “a society where full enjoyment of human rights by every human being will be ensured” so as to start our peoples initiatives able to reduce such human rights violations.

Major Activities :

* Fact finding and documentation :

* Field Investigation.

* Documentation of neglected human rights violations

* Monitoring and follow-up of incident.

* Liberal Life Support.

* Education and awareness raising :

* Social mobilization, Dialogue Meeting.

* Publication of booklets, Periodicals and Posters

* Interactive dramas and VDO shows.

* Training on Human right issue.

* Awareness building on basic, human rights and RTI law.

* Liberal Theology collage & Sunday Child School.

Policy Advocacy and Lobbying :

* Media campaign and policy advocacy.

* Urgent appeals.

* Legal aid support

* Rally and Human chain.

* Parching of good news.

  1. Environment and Disaster Management Unit

Context and Rationale :

Bangladesh is a delta considered to be highly vulnerable to natural disasters due to geographical location, weak economic capacity and low level of institutional capabilities. Bangladesh experiences recurrent floods, cyclone and river erosions. In the last 5 years the intensity of natural disasters was very high which can be attributed to the negative impacts of climate change. Among the worst affected areas are the southern parts of the country, especially Satkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat and neglected as well as disadvantaged community going under most vulnerability due their marginal placed. They are loosing their traditional occupation day by day. The cyclone SIDR last year alone affected 7.5 million. Often it has found that in shelter centers neglected people are discriminated as they are still considered Untouchables and out caste. Discrimination is visible also when relief items are distributed.

Liberal foundation would like to face this awful situation by undertaking an Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Program for specially neglected flood-affected family to meet the urgent need food, house repairing, house construction and drinking water and sanitation facilities.

  1. Office Times:

Saturday to Thursday 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Friday is weekly holiday.

  1. Geographical location of the activities:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is working in Khulna, Satkhira & Jessore District. Details of the working area including household coverage have been given in the following table.

Area of Operation:

Present Working Area

District                       Upazila/Area

Khulna &                   Khulna City

Narial                         Batiaghata

Dacope, Rupsha

Dumurea, Koyra

Future Working Area

District                       Upazila/Area

Satkhira                       Satkhira Sadar

Jhalokhati                   Jhalokhati Sadar

Bagerhat                     Bagerhat Sadar

  1. Working strategy : / Operation strategy:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION believes to work in participatory method. In this method LIBERAL FOUNDATION works with the targeted beneficiaries in their participation LIBERAL FOUNDATION under any project activities and per the needs of the target people. At first LIBERAL FOUNDATION forms group when does the survey for the needs of the group members. Justify their abilities and willingness: justify the benefits of the activities provable success and failure, take the recommendation of the beneficiaries and arrange monthly, Quarterly, yearly meeting of the beneficiaries in these meeting identify the problems and find out the solution and act accordingly. These are the working strategy of LIBERAL FOUNDATION.

Group formation and mobilization

Build Capacity and create opportunity.

Group formation and mobilization.

Institutional development.

Human resource development.

Structural poverty alleviation.

Environmental protection & regeneration.

Improvement of gender equality.

Participatory development research.

Education, Health, Tree-Plantation.

Woman Improvement and self-employment.

Economies development by different kinds of income generation project.

  1. Major Activities/Interventions:
  2. Formal and Non formal education Program: To establish formal and non-formal academic institutions including that of the vocational training centers as to support in the growth of literacy rate in the country.
  3. Women and Children Development Program: To promote women & children’s welfare ensuring their rights and gender equity and empower indigenous women at grassroots level and take special initiatives to assist the destitute and victims widows and women.
  4. Research Program: To Conduct research activities for the sustainable development of the peoples of the vulnerable groups.
  5. Youth development Program: To conduct technical and vocational training like fisheries & tailors for capacity building up of the youths and institutional to make them skilful and resourceful for development and in order to reduce the unemployment crisis by creating self-employment opportunities.
  6. Disaster Management (Relief & Rehabilitation) Program: To take various initiatives on distribution of relief materials and provide medical facilities to the victims of natural disasters.
  7. Income Generating Program: To assist different kind of facilities to small trades, seam, block-batik, poultry training & goat protection program, pisciculture, cattle rearing, cow fattening and homestead gardening for income generations and self-sufficiency of the poor.
  8. Disabilities and Orphanage Program: To take up various initiatives for the welfare of the orphan, destitute children and disabilities to provide facilities of economic rehabilitation.
  9. Women Entrepreneurship: Encourage and facilitate active participation of women in entrepreneurship, creation of a saving culture and in the national and international trade events.
  10. Observation National and International Day: To take initiatives and program to observe the national and international day.
  11. Develop networking and partnership: Develop networking and partnership with the GOB, local Govt. bodies and national and international NGO’s in the area of greater.
  12. Fishery training fish project: To provide fishery training & distribute little fish to them.
  13. Health & Sanitation Program: To distribute different kind of sanitary equipment to them for sanitation.
  14. Anti Tobacco Program: To act as a unified group of health professional for tobacco control advocacy among policy makers. To educate and motivate people against tobacco menace.
  15. Hazardous child labor protection Program: To establish non-formal academic institutions including that of the vocational training centers as to support in the growth of hazardous child labor in the country.
  1. Working Approaches and Strategies:


Group formation and mobilization

Build capacity and create opportunity

Making scope income generation & good.

  1. Strategies:

Organizational strategies vary from project to project. However, common strategies are:

Assesses needs and identifies problems to design programs as per needs to solve the problems.

Organize groups and motivate them to involve them in some non traditional activities.

Provide literacy and post literacy to equip the members to orient wit new better technology.

Organize training programs for skill development, empowering and for creating entitlement.

Providing support and crating environment for leadership development.

Create fund from the members, receive donations, working in cooperation and collaboration with the government departments, search project grants from national and international organizations for the programs.

Organize relief and rehabilitation programs as apart of safety net for the distressed in the project area.

  1. Neglected People Programs/interventions of the organization

LIBERAL FOUNDATION programs include building organization of the poor, training in skill development, universal education, promotion of self-reliance through employment and income generating activities, natural resource protection and infrastructure building, integrated women’s development, youth development, policy analysis and advocacy, patronage to indigenous culture and its use in mobilization of the mass people in social movements, disaster preparedness and management and assistance to other organizations.

  1. Description of Program and Activities:
  2. i) Group Formation:

Since LIBERAL FOUNDATION has given main focus on group formation. Before formation of groups, the social situation is analyzed. The criterion of groups formation such as similar socio-economic background, homogeneity, group cohesion, Contiguity of area and etc. are followed. Groups are managed by group manual the size of the group is in between 15-30, all the groups are male & female. The discussions on personal health, social a forestation, gender and development, mother and child care, water and sanitation, women and empowerment etc. are held in rotation in group meeting.

  1. ii) Non-formal Primary, Adolescent and Adult Education:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is conduction NEPE schools; majorities of the learners are girls. All the teachers of these schools are female. In addition to this LIBERAL FOUNDATION is conduction another primary school. The organization is also conduction centers for offering literacy to the adolescents and adult for conduction life oriented education.

Pre-primary child education program, the pilot project of LIBERAL FOUNDATION:- Our Pre-primary child education program is the most valuable program. We have a great importance on child education. At present we have a pilot project on Pre-primary child education at Tala thana in Satkhira district of Bangladesh. Our project name is LIBERAL FOUNDATION Nursery School. The school is bring into begin on 50 decimal of land. It has a tin shed building about 30 meters long and 5 meters wide. In this school, about 85 students are learning with their mother every year. Here we have given them different kinds of education materials like text book, book of rhymes in English & Bengali, book of mathematics in English & Bengali, different kinds of game instruments & module like cram board, building set, football, cricket instrument, toys etc. everything is child version. For student entertainment, we have set sleeper, balance, cradle etc. in front of the school building. Every year the students and their mother observe brush day, sports day, hand wash day, other National & International day. Here we are giving them a modern education by different kinds of game instruments. We have given each a Matir Bank (Container of mud) to deposit money for their future. This system of education has been already very popular among the local people. We hope that LIBERAL FOUNDATION possible will create fond of them to school by this education system. We have given some picture of the activities of Ashraful Alam Tuto-memorial Pre-Primary School.

iii) Water and Sanitation Project:

In order to facilitate pure drinking water to the poor people LIBERAL FOUNDATION started the program to installing deep tube-wells. The program started just with the start of new millennium of 2000 all the people of identified arsenic area earnestly desire getting of arsenic free water. A massive awareness and motivational activity is done for creating demands of pure drinking water. The activities these regards are site selections, the formation of users groups and water and sanitation groups. Schools managing committee conduct court and meeting, water sanitation- meeting, care taken training and social mobilization through folk songs, drama, dance, street drama etc, campaign at schools in held on health, hygienic, arsenic and on use pure drinking water.

  1. iv) Programs on Fisheries:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION organize and training on fisheries. Rural people who live in poor and who has small pond. They take training on fisheries.

  1. v) Self-employment Project:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION training on tailors, block-batiks, print, embroidery, hair cutting, mobile servicing, radio & T.V. mechanics, by-cycle & rickshaw repairing, after that is gives the machine to the target beneficiaries.

  1. vi) Programs for Strengthening the Role of Female Members:

Very recently the provision of direct election of female members at Union Parishad, Municipality is introduced. It is a land mark in the history of local government election to recognize the male member and other comers of vested interests are very much reluctant to recognize the constitutional rights of women, as the female members face difficulties while discharging their duties as per constitution and provision of local government act. LIBERAL FOUNDATION initiated the program for strengthening the female union Parishad and Municipality members. The program includes training foundation course forum meeting social mobilization, workshop, seminar etc. Thus the elected female members of local governments get the opportunity to develop their skills and work strategy.

vii) Health, family planning, mother and child care:

Awareness on preventive health and family planning is built through massive training and orientation. There is trained mid-wife to give services during antenatal and postnatal period and coring of new born babies. LIBERAL FOUNDATION also started first and facilities to the disadvantaged, the local factory workers and owners are also oriented on health hazard and on removing factory garbage. Campaign against dangers of AID and taking drugs is conducted in the community.

viii) Human Rights:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION has got net-work with coordination council for human rights in Bangladesh. Today the issue of Human Right is a burning issue in Bangladesh. LIBERAL FOUNDATION raise objection against annihilation of human rights, conducts campaign, organize workshop, seminar and gives legal support when necessary.

  1. ix) Observation National and International Day: To take initiatives and Program to observe the national and international day.
  1. x) Legal Aid Support, Arbitration and Medication Program:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION initiated this program to establish social justice and human rights of the poor people of its working area. The area is fundamentalist and superstitions area, the wives are for furred and beaten mercilessly, early marriage and divorce has be-come a regular phenomenon. LIBERAL FOUNDATION tries to settle these, disputes by arbitration and slash.

  1. xi) Women empowerment and gender development:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is the champion of women rights and empowerment is the locality from its very inception of 2000, it aimed at empowering disadvantaged rural women. The area is male dominated, women are silenced, tortured. LIBERAL FOUNDATION took the challenging task to improving situation, offering training to the beneficiaries, giving legal arbitration support to the oppressed and conducting rallies are the steps for raising consciousness of the poor women.

xii) Networking:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION had got the membership/partnership with the following organization-

D.C office Khulna

Social welfare Khulna

xiii) Environment & Social A forestation:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION is working for roadside free plantation and for house stead and kitchen gardening. Homestead and kitchen gardening add further income to the beneficiaries.

xiv) Disaster Management, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation:

A very large number of houses in both rural and urban areas are destroyed fully or partially every year, by such natural disasters as CYCLONE, TORNADO, SIDOR, ILA FLOOD, and river bank erosion or by fire. Proper measures need to be taken to replace such housing units by new housing or by repair, if partially damaged. Disaster housing reconstruction schemes may be taken and special housing loans may also be provided for quick rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of households affected by natural calamities will be made & provide assistance for reconstruction and essential services, within the national scheme of calamity relief.

  1. xv) LIBERAL FOUNDATION Community Development Project:

Improvement of overall living condition and to bring self-reliance through development approach.

Building village Organization

Increase of agriculture production by appropriate agriculture technology.

Crease of school going habits among 5-9 years children.

Capacity building of women.

Development of Human resources.

xvi) Village Development Project:

Goal: Improvement of socio-economic condition of the target people.

The main components of this project are:

Group formation and savings.

Agriculture Extension, Farmers, Training and Income Generation.

Village education and cultural awareness.

Health and Family planning.

Human and Skill Development Training.

Change food habit and increase family income by selling vegetables in seedlings.

Ability of seedlings and preservation of seeds.

xvii) Anti Tobacco Program:

To act as a unified group of health professional for tobacco control advocacy among policy makers. To educate and motivate people against tobacco menace.

xviii) Hazardous Child Labor Protection Program:

To establish non-formal academic institutions including that of the vocational training centers as to support in the growth of hazardous child labor in the country.

  1. Source of funds:

(a) From registration fee of patents of primary health care project.

(b) From training fees on fisheries and poultry.

(c) From selling and handicraft commodities.

(d) From sanitation goods sale.

(e) Hazardous child labor protection fund from labor & employment ministry of Bangladesh.

(f) Community fund.

(g) Personal fund from chairman & secretary of LIBERAL FOUNDATION.

  1. Target group / beneficiaries:

Local destitute poor women and men, adolescent girls and boys and underprivileged children, Hazardous child labor are the target beneficiaries of LIBERAL FOUNDATION. The organization meanwhile has organized 5525 family disadvantaged women into 221 small indigenous groups.

  1. Network Relationship/Membership/Partnership with Apex Bodies/Forum:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION has built wide range of networking endeavor with various national and local networks, important among are:

Labor & Employment Ministry of Bangladesh.

  • Praise Foundation
  • C D P
  • H Foundation
  1. Management Structure:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION has developed a structural management system which not bureaucratic. The organization shows the relation and accountability both vertically and horizontally. General committee, Advisory committee, Executive committee, Chairman & Executive Director, Sub-committee.

(i) General committee:

General committee is the highest body of LIBERAL FOUNDATION and consists of 35 members. The committee meets once a year. But if necessary it can summon emergency meeting. The members of the general committee will pay regularly yearly subscription: actively take part in each meeting of general committee and different social work. The general committee will form the Executive committee, Advisory committee and will approve annual budget.

(ii) Advisory committee:

Advisory committee consists of 5 members. The committee formed with intelligent social worker and honorable persons. Responsibility of the advisory committee is to advice general and Executive committee to provide proper guideline to the Executive Director in his/her day-to-day work.

(iii) Executive committee:

The members of the general committee elect 07 members Executive committee for the period of 03 (three) years. The EC sits once in a quarter to find out the progress/merits/demerits/problems of activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions for proper implementation by the organization. E.C’s responsibility is to create income sources and maintain accounts, approve budget, operate bank account, participate in time to time meeting.

SL. Name Sex Designation Relationship among them
1 Kamrul Hossain Joarder Male Chairman No Relation with any of the EC members
2 D K Mondol Male Vice-Chairman As Above
3 Kamal Hossain Joarder Male Executive Director As Above
4 Jaheda Khatun Female Treasurer As Above
5 Kazi Md. Liakot Ali Male Administrative As Above
6 Momenul Islam Male Project Director As Above
7 Sharmin Sultana Rupa Female Information As Above

(iv) Extension Body:

SL. Name Position E. Quality Profession Gender
1. Kamal Hossain Joarder Social Worker M.S.S Executive Director Male

(v) Chairman & Executive Directors:

The Chairman of the Executive Committee is the chief policy maker of the organization. The Executive Director is appointed by the Executive committee. He is responsible for smooth implementation and management of all projects/activities. The Chairman & The Executive Director are responsible for keeping contact with the government and non-government and donors. The Executive Director is accountable to the Chairman and Executive committee.

  1. Staff Members:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION has good number of skill staffs (full time, part time and volunteers) there are central office staffs and project office staffs. The project staffs are responsible the proper implementation of all field activates. The staffs of central/head office are responsible to the Executive Director and the project/area office staff is responsible to the respective program coordinator. The program coordinators are accountable to the Executive Director.

  1. Staff strength:

Liberal Foundation has a good number of staff (full time and part time) and volunteers. There are central office staff and project staff. Liberal Foundation has qualified, experienced, and skilled, trained personnel who have long practical experiences in the field of rural development and project management. It has a total of 56 different level staff who is working in different areas of Bangladesh. The staff related information is given below.

Staff Category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 09 09 18
Field level 11 12 23
School Teacher 01 16 17
Support staff 02 02 04
Volunteer 12 12 24
Total 30 47 86
  1. Position wise staff distribution:
Staff Position Full time Part time Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Executive Director 1 1
Coordinator 1 1 1
Accountant 1 1 2 2
Training Officer 2 2 2 2
Monitoring Officer 1 1 1 1
Project Officer 1 1 1
Assistant Accountant 1 1 1 1
Branch Manager 2 2 2 2
Total 10 08
Staff Position Full time Part time Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Field Trainer 2 2 2 2
Supervisor 2 1 2 1
Field Organizer 6 8 6 8
Community Organizer 1 1 1 1
Receptionist 1 1
Teachers 1 1 15 1 16
Peon/Aya 1 1 1 1
Guard 1 1
Volunteer 12 12 12 12
Total 12 15 12 27 26 42
  1. Policies Available:

LIBERAL FOUNDATION operates all of its activities under specific policy guideline. Usually policy directives are formulated by the general body in consultation with the executive committees.


Management and administrative policy

Gender policy

Personal Management policy

Savings policy

Financial policy

  1. Available Resources:

Liberal Foundation has already developed its resources and officer facilities for smoothly running its project activities. Most of its resources crested for fulfilling the demeaned of area officers and increasing its office facilities.

  1. Office Facilities:

Liberal Foundation is a local organization with sufficient office facilities in its working areas. The organization has Khulna districts. It is another important support for the helps to implement the project activities.

  1. Materials & Equipments:

Liberal Foundation has arranged its head office and other offices with necessary materials and equipments to meet the demand of the staffs. The organization is also sharing some of its materials long and reducing the establishment cost. All the permanent and project staff are receiving necessary support from the materials and equipments. The list of materials and equipments are given below:

(i) Assets/Properties

SL. No. Particulars Total Numbers
01 Steel Cabinet 01
02 Steel Almira 01
03 Chair (wood & steel) 13
04 Table (wood & steel) 14
05 Motorcycle 0
06 Bicycle 01
07 Telephone 03
08 Wooden Almira 03
09 Sofa set 04
10 Fan 06
11 Electronics type write 0
12 Computer(Laptop) 01
13 Printer 0
14 UPS 01
15 IPS 01
16 TV 01
17 VCP 0
18 Cassette Player 01
19 Computer 0
20. Camera 01

(ii) Vehicle facilities:

Sl. No. Type of transport No. Available Total
Own Rented
01 Motorcycle 0 0
2 Bicycle 01 01
03 Van-Bicycle 01 01

(iii) Training facilities:

Training center / vocational Youth Training center/ Theology College/Sunday School.

Sl. No. Name & address of training center Year of establishment Comments
01 88, Haji Ismail Road, Sk. Para Bazar, Khulna. 31 July 2008 Own
Facilities Capacity Own/hired Quantity/on Remarks
Training room 500 Own 01 Ok
Dormitory with accommodating (bed etc) 30 person Own Available
Flooding facilities 3 persons Own Available
Training equipments Own Available
a) Chair Own 30
b) Training equipment Own 06
c) Color TV Own 01
d) VCD Own 01
e) White board Own 01
f) Flip board Own 01
g) Fan Own 05
h) VIPP board Own 01
i) Music set Own 01
j) Own 01
  1. Accounting system / internal controls:
  2. Normal method of disbursing payments: Account payee cheque
  3. Organizational recording process: Manual ledger system
  4. Types of ledger in practice: Main ledger and subsidiary ledger
  5. Transaction procedure: Transactions are made through request forms, purchase orders, vouchers etc chief Executive and treasurer are the approval authority.
  6. Accounting system of multiple project: Have the capacity to track multiple project.
  7. Capacity of accounting system: Accounting system have the capacity to tract project expenses against budget line item categories.
  8. Accounting policy: Organization have a written guidelines for financial management.
  9. Organization record retention policy for financial data: All data is checked by the accountant, chief Executive and treasurers check takes place before the general members in the annual general meeting (AGM) and is approved by the general members.
  10. Basis of reports issued: Cash Basis
  11. Time of preparation of financial report: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annually.
  12. Bank Account reconciliation: Bank Account reconciliation prepared on monthly basis.
  13. Petty Cash Account: A patty cash account is maintained by the organization.
  14. Frequency of financial audit: Accounts are Audited on an annual basis by the chartered accountant firm enlisted the NGO affairs bureau.
  15. Internal Auditing system: Organization has an internal auditor of standby.
  16. Liberal Foundation prepares account statement and balance sheet.
  17. Process of approval: In the quarterly EC meeting all the expenditures, progress, budget and plans are reviewed and approved.
  1. Bank Account and Number:
Name of the Bank Brach with Address Name of the Account Type of Bank A/C Account No. (s)
Agrani Bank Sir Iqbal Road Brach, Khulna Bangladesh General Account

Liberal Foundation

  1. Governance of the organization:

Decision Making:

According to constitution of LIBERAL FOUNDATION general members of the organization play vital role in any decision making for the organization. Any decision adopted by majority member in the annual general meeting, the Executive Committee is constitutionally bound to follow their decision and implement it. Executive Committee interprets, implement, follow-up, evaluates the decision of the General Committee and report them back after their task is over. Executive Committee takes the decision and vies decision within the guideline set by the General Committee. Executive Directors of the organization implements the decisions taken by the Executive Committee and by other set rules and responsibility given upon him as per constitution. They are accountable to the Executive Committee.

  1. Transparency and Accountability:

The responsibility of all project staff is distributed according to implementation plan and need of the project and their duties and responsibilities are prescribed in their job description. Executive Directors are responsible for appoint, termination, suspensions, promotion, demotion and increment of stuff. All project staff are reportable and accountable for their activities directly to the Coordinator. Branch Managers during their monthly meeting provide their activity and financial reports, which is received and evaluated immediately. New responsibility is again given upon him/her when planning for the next month. This is an on-going process of responsibility and accountability for all organization staff. Executive Directors are accountable for his/her performance and progress to the Executive Committee. The Committee gets overall report of the activities and finance of the project in their regular meeting, where the committee reviews and evaluates his/her past quarter activities and progress of the work assigned for the period. The Executive Committee is accountable to the General Committee that meets annually to review the progress of the projects and financial matters.

  1. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System:
  2. i) Planning:

Liberal Foundation organization follows the participatory process in planning any project or program. The field level and mid level staff plays a vital role in planning any program and project. The organization organize meeting with its field level staff and managerial staff for sharing thinking and program design and collect their suggestions. Their suggestions are considered importantly in the executive bodies meeting.

  1. ii) Monitoring:

In order to successful implementation of the project activities, the Coordinator in cooperation with project officer will monitor the activities time to time. The projector officer Liberal Foundation organization will ensure time to time monitoring of the activities for successful implementation of activities. The Branch Manager of the respective upazila visits every field once in a month and prepares report on the findings of the visit and submits it to the Coordinator. The project officer also make field visit in some pre selected areas and check Branch Manager’s activities. Then he prepares report on the visit and submits it to Coordinator. The Coordinator visits to some selective project areas to overcome any adverse situation and provide necessary suggestions. Then the Coordinator prepare a monthly monitoring report on the basis of the Branch Manager’s and program officer’s reports and provide it to the Executive Directors to take necessary action.

iii) Evaluation:

Internal mid-term project review would be conducted with the project staff. The performance of the project implementation would be evaluated after six month of project implementation. This is conducted for the organization’s own purposes. Liberal Foundation would also conduct a participatory internal evaluation at the end of the project period for its own purpose. The organization form evaluation committee for conduction the project/programs evaluation. The donor at the end of the project can conduct an external evaluation. The report would be prepared and deliver to donor.

  1. iv) Reporting:

Liberal Foundation prepares monthly activity report, quarterly progress report and half-yearly narrative report for understanding the progress of the planned activities. The organization also prepares annual report combining the activities of differed programs. The Coordinator with the assistance of Accountant will prepare financial report of expenses and projecting the funding needs for next six months and submit to the executive Director. The Coordinator would submit the progress and narrative activity report and financial report to the Executive Directors within 2nd week of the successive month.

Md. Kamrul Hossain Joarder



  1. Liberal Organization Structure

Liberal Board of Director

The affairs of the organization have been entruststed to an Executive Committee consisting of 7 (seven) members. The following persons:

  1. Kamrul Hossain Joarder Chairman
  2. DK. Mondal Vice Chairman
  3. Kamal Hossain Joarder Executive Director
  4. Jaheda Khatun Director Finance
  5. Kazi Md. Liakat Director Administration
  6. Muzahiidur Rahman Project Director
  7. Sharmin Sultanan Rupr Director Information
  1. System of contribution & Donation :

It is herby informed for your special attention that, you may participate in our sacrifice & care project to contribute this immense social works. Filling up the form you may send money in favour of the address written below by bank-draft, DD, TT, money order or cheque or cash payment.

Page- 13

Sender :

  1. Name of the person/organization: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
  2. Address : ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
  3. Amount of Contribution (in Figure) : …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

(In word) : …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  1. Whether willing or not in future:   Tic (ü) Mark :   Yes No

If positive then when: Monthly       Half yearly      yearly Tic

  1. If any comment regarding Liberal Foundation/recommendation/ advice/may be informed by letters.

                                                                                    Date :


Signature         :

Name              :

Designation     :

  1. Address for sending contribution/Donation:-
If you any contribute please give this Bank Account

Agrani Bank

STD Account No.- 36000748

Sir Iqbal Road Branch,

Khulna, Bangladesh.


Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

Khulna Branch.

DBBL A/C No.- 120 101 106 895

(Kamal H. Joarder)

Mobile : 01911-016449

88, Hazi Ismail Road,

Shaikhpara Bazar, Word No.- 20

Khulna- 9100, Bangladesh.

e-mail : liberalngo@gmail.com