Our Programs

  • Group Formation:
  • Non-formal Primary, Adolescent and Adult Education:
  • Water and Sanitation Project:
  • Programs on Fisheries:
  • Self-employment Project:
  • Programs for Strengthening the Role of Female Members:
  • Health, family planning, mother and child care:
  • Human Rights:
  • Observation National and International Day:
  • Legal Aid Support, Arbitration and Medication Program:
  • Women empowerment and gender development:
  • Networking:
  • Environment & Social A forestation:
  • Disaster Management, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation:
  • LIBERAL FOUNDATION Community Development Project:
  • Village Development Project:
  • Anti Tobacco Program:
  • Hazardous Child Labor Protection Program:

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Its mission is to work the poor people, undertake programmers for the underserved parts of the operational are organize and produce demand drive supports, mobilize local and external resources ensure people’s participation of all level foes a sustainable development. The main emphasis is given to mobilizing and utilizing local resources and development of human resource as part of sustainable community development.

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