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Our Units

  • Environment and Disaster Management Unit
  • Human Rights Unit
  • Capacity Building unit.
  • Education unit
  • Information and Research Unit
  • Major Activities :
  • Relief and Rehabilitation :
  • Emergency Relief and rehabilitation program
  • Data collection and information dissemination to relevant authorities.
  • Awareness raising :
  • Social mobilization, Dialogue Meeting.
  • Publication of booklets, periodicals Report and Poster.
  • Interactive dramas and right issue.
  • Rally and day observation.
  • Mass mobilization.
  •  Adaptation And Mitigation :
    Networking meeting with Govt. officials, UDMC, CBOs, ECO, Volunteer groups.
    Organize training for targeted members on Disaster risk management and roles responsibility.
    Training in search as well as rescue techniques, first aid skills, early warning systems.
    Advocacy meeting with local govt. & administration.
    Promoting voluntarism for recover emergency.